• You Can Trust On Our Expertise

Av.Sinan EBREN was created in 1998 by Av.Sinan EBREN in Istanbul based in an office with state of the art facilities and a friendly and open approach to client service. Since 1996, we have advised leading Turkish and international corporations on diverse commercial law matters.

Av.Sinan EBREN is an internationally recognised law firm based in heart of commercial centre of Istanbul.  The firm is staffed by dynamic specialised Turkish, German and English lawyers, attorneys and paralegals devoted to provide expert legal services to local and foreign clients in various areas of law. Our team members have a thorough understanding, necessary technical and interpersonal skills and knowledge of the languages and culture of business required to address the nuances of Turkish commercial markets.

  • We Are With You

International commerce can lead to legal complexity and clients instruct us for our expertise in finding the best pragmatic approach to avoid problems, resolve risk and to seek solutions.  We offer to our clients an accessible, responsive and business-focused approach. We are committed to providing a high quality service on a transparent and fair pricing basis.

We Offer Tailor-Made Solutions.

We adopt a pragmatic approach, assessing situations from the client’s point of view in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Our attorneys are not only analytical lawyers with their in-depth industry knowledge and experience but are also solution-oriented with in-depth experience in business world.  They provide clear, concise and expert advice. Excellent client care is at the heart of our service.

  • We Play Global

We work with a growing number of public institutions and organizations and some of the world's most exciting and ambitious growth businesses, local and international investors, medium sized enterprises operating  in the USA, Europe and with Istanbul Stock Exchange companies. We provide legal services to foreign, Turkish and multinational companies, financial institutions, government agencies and multilateral institutions.

We are a firm with insight as well as experience of dealing with the law in different parts of the world working with a variety of clients and across a broad range of sectors. The high level involvement of our partners and senior lawyers ensures that our clients always have access to expertise and a partner will always be responsible for the service levels you receive.